Najeek is a new Nepali social networking App. Download today and make new friends.

Najeek is the most exciting way of meeting new people and expanding your social circle.

Best App to make new Friends

Find interesting people nearby you

App scans your location and shows people near by you

Make New Connection

Send friend request to anyone you like. If they accept your request its a new connection.


Chat with your friends.


Only people which are in your connection can chat or message you. Najeek never post on your facebook.

Some Features

Najeek is very easy way to make new friends


Najeek autometically syncs to your facebook profile with your latest profile pictures so you dont need to fill your profile. If you want to edit you can edit easily.


You can filter people by location, age and gender. So you dont need to go through the every profile to find your new friend


You can block anyone you want. User report/ block feature anytime when you feel other profile suspecious


Chat with your connections, discover about each other, share your photos, have fun


Use gallery to upload your profile picture or view others

Friend Request

Najeek uses friend request rather than swipe right or left to make it true social networking app. This way people can send you friend request only after reading your profile.

Some Screenshots

Najeek have very simple and easy user interface.

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Don't miss the next chance to grow your network. Who knows what happens next.

Networking is not collecting contacts! Networking is about planting relations.


If you have any question please feel free shoot a message

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Use najeek to make new friends. It helps you connecting with the people nearby!

Najeek scans your location with your mobile location and shows other people using Najeek app by calculating distance between you and other users.

Yes its completly free for now. We might think about making money from in future.

Simply you will get a push notification when someone sends you a friend request. App will also send you an email in your inbox.

Yes najeek tracks my location but only when you are using the app. We dont track anything when you are not using the app.

You can find help and support on app or use this website contact form to contact us.

This app is social networking app to connect with strangers but Facebook is social networking app to connect with only friends and relatives which you already know.

No this app is not for dating or hookups.

You can delete your account from setting page or contact our support if you are unable to login to app. Note your all data and photos will be deleted from the server and you will be unable to restore your account.

You must be at least 18 years to use this app. If you are not more than 18 years old please don't use this app.

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